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Question: What good resources exist for understanding database tuning on the major engines and advancing your knowledge in that area?


General SQL

  • Book: SQL Performance Tuning

  • Book: SQL Tuning

  • Book: The Art of SQL

  • PostgreSQL (wiki) (search postgre)

  • Performance Optimization

  • Quick PostgreSQL Optimization

  • Explain Analyze Interpreter

  • PostgreSQL Performance Tips

  • MySQL

  • Hidden Features of MySQL

  • Book: High Performance MySQL / Blog: High Performance MySQL

  • Blog: Xaprb (for MySQL DBAs)

  • Oracle

  • How do you interpret a query's explain plan?

  • Oracle Advanced Tuning Scripts

  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide

  • Ask Tom

  • Oracle Database SQL Reference

  • Book: Understanding Oracle Performance

  • MS SQL Server

  • SQL Server Performance

  • eBook: High Performance SQL Server

  • SO Question: What are the best SQL Server performance optimization techniques?

  • Brent Ozar's Perf Tuning Page

  • SqlServerPedia's Perf Tuning Page

  • Book: Sql Server 2008 Internals

  • How to Identify Slow Running Queries with SQL Profiler

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere

  • Blog: SQL Anywhere

  • Book: SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Developer's Guide

  • JDBC

  • JDBC Performance Tips

  • The information is taken from http://stackoverflow.com

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