четверг, 15 июля 2010 г.

[Webinar] Performance Testing Value Propositions

Featuring: Scott Barber President & Chief Technologist at PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Performance Testing software systems can provide a great deal of value in a wide variety of areas. Most of this value is rarely achieved. This is true mostly because so few people understand what the various value propositions for performance testing are, let alone which of those are achievable for their team or organization.

Attend this presentation by thought-leading performance tester Scott Barber to learn both how much more value you can get from your performance testing if you simply look or ask for it, and what information you may be asking for that could actually be limiting the overall value your team's performance testing provides.

Facilitated by Rich Hand, Director of Membership & Publications at STP.

Date: Tuesday July 20th
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific
Duration 1-hour

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