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[e-book] Enterprise Network Testing

The complete guide to using testing to reduce risk and downtime in advanced enterprise networks. Testing has become crucial to meeting enterprise expectations of near-zero network downtime. Enterprise Network Testing is the first comprehensive guide to all facets of enterprise network testing. Cisco enterprise consultants Andy Sholomon and Tom Kunath offer a complete blueprint and best-practice methodologies for testing any new network system, product, solution, or advanced technology.
Enterprise Network Testing contains easy-to-adapt reference test plans for branches, WANs/MANs, data centers, and campuses. The authors also offer specific guidance on testing many key network technologies, including MPLS/VPN, QoS, VoIP, video, IPsec VPNs, advanced routing (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), and Data Center Fabrics.

* Understand why, when, and how you should test your network
* Use testing to discover critical network design flaws
* Incorporate structured systems testing into enterprise architecture strategy
* Utilize testing to improve decision-making throughout the network lifecycle
* Develop an effective testing organization and lab facility
* Choose and use test services providers
* Scope, plan, and manage network test assignments
* Leverage the best commercial, free, and IOS test tools
* Successfully execute test plans, including crucial low-level details
* Minimize the equipment required to test large-scale networks
* Identify gaps in network readiness
* Validate and refine device configurations
* Certify new hardware, operating systems, and software features
* Test data center performance and scalability
* Leverage test labs for hands-on technology training

Download Enterprise Network Testing: Testing Throughout the Network Lifecycle to Maximize Availability and Performance e-book

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